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立足华东 辐射全国

Finding a foothold in east china, being popular throughout the country



       公司不断引进国内外先进的数控加工设备、静电喷涂设备和试验检测设备等,集多年生产经验与智慧结晶,并一贯遵循“管理现代化,人才专业化,产品前沿化,质量标准化”的发展战略。企业已通过ISO9001质量管理体系认证、ISO14001环境管理体系认证、OHSAS 18001职业健康安全管理体系认证。企业全面推行“6S”管理,不断提高质量管理过程控制水平及数据统计精确度,逐步完善工业装备,不断满足顾客需求,销售网络遍布全国大、中城市。



       JIANGSU SANQI ELECTRICAL SET CO., LTD. is located at Rudong Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu Province, lying between the Sutong Bridge and Yangkou Port - the deepwater port in the north of Yangtze River delta, abutting on Yangkou Port in the north, adjoining Sutong Bridge in the south, enjoying increasingly prominent traffic .

       The company mainly produces all kinds of high and low voltage switch cabinets, cabinets, complete sets of equipment, box-type substations, cable tray, non-standard boxes, etc., which is an integrated modern enterprise composed of  R&D, manufacturing, sales.

The company has continuously introduced advanced CNC processing equipment, electrostatic spraying equipment and testing equipment from home and abroad, gathering years of production experience and wisdom, and has always followed the development strategy of “modernization of management, professionalization of talent, cutting-edge of product, standardization of quality”. The company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. It fully implements the “6S” management, constantly improves the level of quality control and the accuracy of data, gradually completes industrial equipment and constantly meets customer’s needs. Sales network is fully distributed throughout the large and medium-sized cities of our country.

       Adhering the quality policy of “satisfying customers’ requirements, pursuing superexcellent quality, advocating innovation”, the company carries out brand strategy, and with high quality of products and service to warmly welcome friends from all over the world to cooperate and  communicate. 

       Jiangsu Sanqi believes that unity is the strength, willing to move forward with people of vision to create a brilliant future!


Excellent equipment

精良设备 品质保证

Superior equipment Quality guarantee



       Quality is given by the professional knowledge in addition to the superior hardware equipment. SANQI has actively introduced advanced domestic production and checkout equipment, and recruited the professional technicians and engineers in each field who carry out scientific research and development on new products, and effective monitoring to product quality. 

       In light of top equipment, reasonable manning and perfect system, SANQI seizes high occupancy in the market. Persistence in the sprit of profession to realize the strict monitoring to the product quality, this is not only the strong guarantee for the product quality, but also the effective safeguard for self brand. 


Marketing service

江苏三旗 走向世界

Sanqi Electrical Set Gaining popularity in the World


        江苏三旗成套建立完善的市场营销体系,实施“品牌营销和网络营销”相结合的发展战略,江苏三旗成套产品畅销全国各地及远销东南亚等国家和地区, 深受广大客户的信赖和支持,并为众多重点项目所选用。

        江苏三旗成套大力推进技术创新,资本运营,国际化拓展三大战略,全面推动公司由传统企业向高新技术产业转型,全力打造国际型企业, 经营全球化。


        SANQI has established full-fledged marketing system, and implemented the development strategy of combining brand marketing with network marketing. At present, SANQI electrical set have been widely sold throughout the whole country and exported to Southeast Asia, and are quite welcomed by clients, meanwhile, they have been applied to many key projects.  

        SANQI promotes three strategies, i.e. technology innovation, capital operation and internationalization expand energetically, pushes the company toward the high-tech enterprise from a traditional enterprise, and makes every effort to create a international enterprise by globalization operation. 




地址: 江苏省如东经济开发区永通大道

Add: Yongtong Road, Rudong Economic

     Development Zone, Jiangsu Province

电话(Tel): 0513-80863777    

传真(Fax): 0513-84606688  

邮编(P.C.): 226400

E-mail:[email protected]





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